“I was dreading going to the gym, and dreading even more a training session, until I met Tyler. His workouts are always different, challenging, fun and utilize all of the body parts. I found that I looked forward to the sessions wondering what he would have planned for me that day. And the best thing about him is that even though I whined and complained at times,and flat out told him I can’t do it, he would magically get me through the whole workout with his subtle firmness. He doesn’t take no for an answer, but I

didn’t realize it until he had actually gotten me through what I was resisting so hard. My first session has now turned into 5 months of sessions. He also practices what he preaches and does hard core workouts himself where he learns new things that he then brings to his clients. There is no stagnation with him which is the best part. You never know what you are going to get from workout to workout. Tyler is truly the best.”

-Krysti Carrelli


“I have been training with Tyler for over a year. He is an excellent  and knowledgeable trainer. Before a workout session he always checks to be sure I don’t have any injuries or problems. If I do have problems, he changes the workout to alleviate any further physical stress while, at the same time, trying to build up the strength in problem areas. He is creative with his workouts and is always ready with a different exercise if something doesn’t work for me or if the situation calls for something different. Tyler is very encouraging and with kindness, patience and a smile he helps me get out of my comfort zone and provides me with some challenges.

A – Always Appreciative                                                                                                                            W– Welcoming to All                                                                                                                                      E – Encouraging                                                                                                                                                S – Smart, Smiling, Supportive and with a great Spirit                                                                    O– Optimistic                                                                                                                                                   M – Motivator, MOTIVATING and Modifier                                                                                             E – Enthusiastic

-Jacqueline Meister


To anyone interested in training with Tyler:

I met Tyler shortly after I joined Stevenson Fitness in July of 2015.  As part of my membership, I was given some free training sessions, and was paired with Tyler.

I’m a 55 year old woman in fairly decent physical shape, and I’ve worked with a number of trainers off and on over the last 20 years or so.  I have several areas of my body that are injured or compromised, and needed to work with someone who would listen to me and create a program to accomodate my concerns.  Tyler did exactly that.  In advance of our first session, he researched a problem I was having with my elbows and was prepared with specific exercises the very first time he trained me.  He assessed my current physical shape, identified areas that needed more focus, listened to my concerns, and created a program to achieve my goals.  He pushed me to a reasonable and safe limit, while making sure that my form was correct.  He motivated me to push past what I thought I could do, and injected some diversity into my work-out that made it more fun (well, maybe fun is the wrong word, but more interesting!).  I was so pleased with the free sessions that I had with Tyler, that I purchased a 12 session package so that I could continue to work with him.

Tyler is an extremely personable and sweet young man, and is genuinely concerned about the fitness and health of his trainees.  I see him in the gym working with people of all ages and fitness levels, and I know that he has a very dedicated group of clients.

I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone!!

-Dana Jacobson


“What kind of crazy person gets up at 5:00 in the morning (when they don’t really have to get up until 7:00) to take a 5:30 boot camp class? Well, that would be me. But for Tyler’s class I never get up begrudgingly. I get up with enthusiasm. (Well, at least with as much enthusiasm as one can muster at such an awful hour!) Because Tyler Gosley is the best.

Tyler goes above and beyond what most instructors will do and his class has become “the one to take.” Tyler takes the time to get to know everyone in class without ever taking time away from the class. His workouts are always different and he is quick to come up with an alternate (yet still challenging) exercise for someone if they have an injury. His energy and enthusiasm (there’s that word again) are contagious. Even after a grueling workout (all of his workouts are grueling – each one more terrible than the last), I leave his class with a smile, happy that I made the effort to get up, show up and work hard. I often curse Tyler during class and after class (whenever I walk upstairs for example), but I curse him with love.

He is a fine person, an excellent trainer, a great listener, and a fierce cheerleader. In a word, Tyler is AWESOME!”

-Charlene Ross


“Tyler is a kind, nice, loving, patient, motivational, in your face, brutal bad ass!  I have been taking his boot camp class for a while now and getting up for a 5:30am class is hard.  But knowing that Tyler is the teacher makes me get up and go.  He is very personable and makes you feel comfortable.  He walks the walk and is educational.  Tyler makes sure everyone is doing what they can do to their own ability, pushing us to be better at accomplishing our goals.  You need that type of motivation to get you out of bed that early.  He is inspirational in sharing his own journey in fitness.  He makes us laugh, smile and feel good about ourselves. Frequently he makes me curse, when I have to do things I really do not want to do – but I always feel better after his class.  Thank you Tyler for pushing all of us to do and be better!”

-Jodi Baker


“Tyler is encouraging and challenging as our personal trainer. His positive influence and willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate for our physical limitations is helping us achieve our individual goals.”

-Randi Halpert


“Since joining Stevenson Fitness over 4 years ago, I have worked out and trained with many fitness instructors and strength coaches. My fitness goals were always in line with the core teachings and principles of the gym. I found that the harder I worked out, the more tired I became, and I really wasn’t organized with respect to my approach to “overall fitness’. My joints hurt, my back ached and I was always tired.

Then I met Tyler Gosley. Fresh off the boat from Vermont, Tyler was enthusiastic, passionate and very knowledgable. Eager to build a solid base of loyal customers, Tyler never took a day off. Constantly pushing the envelope to help his clients “train out of the box”, Tyler always delivered a level of workout intensity that challenged the status quo.

I got to know Tyler on both a professional and personal level. He taught me the value of rest, dietary discipline and a systematic approach to setting goals and attaining them. Tyler brings a very organized, positive and well thought out training curriculum to his clients. He understands the physical and emotional aspects of disciplined training, and he’s always there to lend a guiding hand.

Tyler lives by the mantra “Be Awesome Everyday”. Whether you apply this to the gym or to your daily life outside the gym, it really resonates with me and helps me tackle life head on, with grace, passion and kindness.

Thank you Tyler for not just being “Super Awesome”, but for being a consummate professional and an inspiration to the community.”

-Ian Greenberg


“Tyler is a super motivational coach! He takes the time to get to know every person in the group and I know he’s paying attention to what each of us is doing. He comes around and checks in with everyone individually and corrects form and technique. So you can’t hide out in the back slack off!

As a bonus, Tyler is very welcoming with new group members which I found very helpful. He makes sure that everyone understands the exercises for the class which,was especially helpful for me in the beginning.

Tyler creates original themed workouts for our group which are both interesting and challenging. When he says it’s a “Walking Dead” workout you can be sure you’ll feel like you’re among the walking dead!

I might miss other classes, but I never miss Tyler’s!”

-Preston Rohner


“What can I say… Tyler is awesome. I have been working with him for over a year now and he has helped me get into the best shape in my life. He helped me reach my fitness goals in time for my wedding and honeymoon. Not only does he help me push myself; he makes the the workouts entertaining enough that they are something I look forward too. Tyler takes an extra personal touch in what he does, and takes a personal interest in his clients (he even showed up to cheer me on when I ran the LA Marathon). It has been a pleasure having Tyler train me, and I look forward to continue to work with him!”

-Garrett Spahr


“Tyler Gosley is a miracle worker as far as I’m concerned.  I’m 66 years old and I’ve had both my knees replaced.  I went to Tyler to get in shape, feel better, and also look better.  In 5 or 6 months that I’ve trained with him, I’ve gained definition and size in my chest, my biceps and triceps, my shoulders and my back.  My legs and back are much stronger than before and my cardio has improved immensely.  I used to have chronic shoulder issues and now they’re gone.  I’ve started swimming regularly and I’ve gotten back on my bicycle.If anyone tells you that you can’t build muscle after 60, don’t you believe it.  Just go see Tyler.”

Tom Kincannon  (one happy customer)