Wow! I can’t believe it is already February. I feel like 2017 was over in a blink of an eye and if I don’t pay attention, I feel the same could be said for 2018. In past years, I have usually outlined my goals and shared them with you all. This year I want to […] Continue reading

Old School vs New School?

So you are looking to get into the fitness game either for the first time or after a long lay-off.  So you take a walk down the literature and publication isle in the grocery store and look at today’s information and every magazine claims to have a way to burn so many pounds in a […] Continue reading

The Measurement(s) of Progress

In the fitness industry having some form of metrics to measure progress is HUGE. After all, why put all this time, effort, the occasional tear, a few swear words, and all this sweat and not see how far you’ve gone? It is extremely important to have some form of measurement to keep you motivated, give […] Continue reading

Life Lessons from Spartan Races

Random Fact:  Shakespeare and Pocahontas were alive at the same time.   I have written numerous times about how this simple race (well it is far from simple) has driven me, given me a purpose, and makes me a happier human being. This race has also taught me many life lessons and it continues to […] Continue reading

Decide, Commit, SUCCEED!

Random Fact: In honor his sad passing; here is a fun fact about Mr. Roger Moore aka James Bond. Roger Moore was so against guns that scenes with Bond firing his Walther pistol, Moore had to “clench” his eyes as he squeezed the trigger.   “SQUIRREL!” Remember that scene in UP where the dog loses his […] Continue reading