Old School vs New School?

So you are looking to get into the fitness game either for the first time or after a long lay-off.  So you take a walk down the literature and publication isle in the grocery store and look at today’s information and every magazine claims to have a way to burn so many pounds in a certain amount of days. Perhaps they say they have the best workout to get shredded and the next new thing to achieve it. This is where you can insert the Seinfeld episode of the “Yada, Yada, Yada.” Basically there is a lot of information out there and too be quite honest, it is not only confusing, but it can be extremely overwhelming.

Working in the fitness industry I hear a lot of debate of what works and what doesn’t. There is a constant debate is what workout is the best one. (Check out this past article for my take on that What is the best workout?) With so many new ways of fitness and nutrition getting thrown in your face each day it is hard to figure out which method is the best. Do we stick with the “Old School” ways or the “New School” kick?

Before we even tackle the ways of the “Old” and “New” let me say one word…FUNDAMENTALS. Before you can you attempt the old or new styles, one must first learn the basics. You can’t perform at a top level without learning the basics. Everyone who has gotten good at their trade, or in our case, fitness and wellness, has to start at the beginning.

So let’s talk basics when it comes to getting your workout on and eating that grub. If you have no experience when it comes to working out in the gym there are at least two feelings you will experience. The first will be “where do I begin?” You will have that feeling of being lost. Simple solution to that, ask a friend or family member where they go and how they like it. Take that information and use that platform known as the internet. Read reviews and do research on possible choice.

Once you decide on a place where to workout you will probably have a sense of nervousness. A new place, new faces, and not knowing the layout of the equipment can be very overwhelming. My advice to you is to support my occupation and hire a trainer. Many facilities usually have a complimentary session to show you around and get you familiar with the environment. If you are like me, you may like the guidance and there really is no better way to acheieve your goals then go straight to the professional. The other option is to try some fitness classes. Although you don’t get the one-on-one attention, classes can be a great way to learn, meet new people, and have fun. Don’t be afraid to try new classes.

When it comes to the fundamentals of eating it really is quite simple. Fast food is not healthy. Processed food is not healthy. Basically if you can’t pick it, pull it, or kill it (and I know I will have some comments on how you can pick a beer from the fridge) you shouldn’t eat it. Lean meats, natural fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats and oils really are the way to go. You don’t have to make it more complicated than that.

Ok, so you have the basics or are at least on your way. Here is where the “Old and New Schools” come in. Fitness is an ever-changing environment. New fads will come in, say they are the best, and then slowly disappear. Some people will claim that the old ways are the best. In this trainers opinion, it is a combination of both that still focus and build on the fundamentals, yet still challenge you in both the physical and emotional sense. Don’t limit yourself to one facet of fitness. The best results come from a variety of both cardio and resistance training, and eating a well balanced diet.

So when it comes to the fitness debate of “Old School” vs. “New School” it boils down to the fundamentals.  I don’t make my clients do some of the new innovative ways of exercises unless they have learned the basics. Training methods will come and go and there is always new research being published. Nothing works forever and you need to explore new methods in order to keeping making progress. Keep an open mind, be willing to change and find what works for you.


Top 5:  Do these Fundamental exercises right now!

  1. Hip Dominant: Squat
  2. Upper Body Push: Push-up
  3. Upper Body Pull: Pull/chin-ups
  4. Single Leg/Knee Dominant: Lunges
  5. Core: Carry/Plank



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