Your To-Go Order is Up (Workout Style)

In the last few weeks I have been very busy between clients and of course, the Spartan Races. Some of those days I found it really hard to get a workout in the gym. Then, I came to my senses and realized that the world is my gym. There is absolutely no excuse to not get a workout in wherever you are. I thought I would share a workout that I did this week during my very hectic schedule. All that was required for my workout was my own bodyweight. However, since I had the tools, I used my resistance bands and some dumbbells. Take a look below.

OTG (on the go) Workout of the Week with a side of SWEAT!

Complete 5 rounds of each in order.

-Push-ups x 25

-Crunches x 25

-Jumping Jacks x 30

-Body Weight Squats x 25

-Band Resisted Rows: (Substitution: Dumbbell Rows) x 25

-Jumping Jacks x 30

-Seated Russian Twists (with weight if you have it) x 25

-Hip Thrusts (Glute Bridge Raises) x 25

-Jumping Jacks x 30

-Bench Dips (Substitution, Dumbbell Tricep kickbacks) x 25

-Banded Bicep Curls (Substitution, Dumbbell Bicep Curls x 25

-Jumping Jacks x 30

*If you want to be really awesome, complete 100 of each exercise before moving to the next one.

Give it a try. If it seems a little overwhelming scale it down a bit. Remember, the best workout is the one you complete.  NO EXCUSES!




Top 5:  Bodyweight Exercises you can do ANYWHERE!

  1. Squats
  2. Push-ups
  3. Crunches
  4. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
  5. Plank



  1. I make OTG my go to at least once a week on purpose. One of my favorites is running at Ft McHenry in Baltimore (a national park and beautiful historical park on the harbor). It’s basically Laredo but with a longer run.
    Laredo (Crossfit Hero WOD) is:
    6 rounds
    24 airsquats
    24 pushups
    24 walking lunges
    400 m run
    Takes ~30 minutes, if you want to change it up, run longer than 400 and play around with adding other body weight exercises (situps) or modify the rounds.

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