The Hamster Wheel that is Tyler’s Brain: 50 thoughts I had today.

Random Fact: Hamsters can store half their weight in food in their cheeks.


Focus is defined as “the center of interest or activity.” Some days it is easier to focus on one specific topic or item and other days it is difficult because we have so many thoughts and ideas floating around in our head. Usually when writing I have a clear idea about what I am going to share, but for whatever reason, this week I cant pick just one. So instead of having the preverbal argument with the hamster in the wheel that is powering my brain, I thought I would just give into it and share everything that is floating in my mind. 6359644500328600321787960773_Hamster-wheel

So buckle up, as you are about to take a journey into the mind of Tyler. Hear are 50 thoughts that went through my head today.

  1. Yesterday was May the 4th. I loved the compliments my Lando Calrissian socks got.
  2. It’s that time of Year…Spartan season. Next up are Colorado, Austin, and Monterey.
  3. It is easy to get motivated, but it is very difficult to stay disciplined.
  4. I wish I had a hammock, a beer, and a day off to enjoy this amazing California day.
  5. It is really great to have goals, but can you have to many?
  6. Honestly, I think I have a serious addiction to Peanut Butter. I may need an intervention.18222033_10213243928478271_6106348145618111251_n
  7. Where do I see myself in 5 years? This is a question I often struggle with, but I see myself being surrounded by motivating, supportive, and ambitious people. The location is truly a mystery.
  8. Technology makes some things very simple, but it makes others extremely difficult.
  9. I do not believe in “No Pain, No Gain.” Pain is a sign that something is wrong.
  10. It is important to embrace your flaws and shortcomings.
  11. It is fun to prove my haters wrong.
  12. No one is going to take care of me, but me! (Well my mom is pretty awesome at that)
  13. Speaking of my mom, I miss her. A Tyler & Mom adventure needs to happen soon.
  14. Consistency is key with so many things in life.
  15. I still get scared of sharing my blog with others (especially those that are in the field of writing) because I sometimes feel like I might not measure up
  16. Referring to #16, I then share it anyways because I like constructive criticism. It is how I improve.
  17. Success is not easy.
  18. I enjoy doing things for other people.
  19. I very much dislike ungrateful individuals.
  20. Will I ever #beatburns?
  21. I love watching the people in my life succeed. (Huge shout out to my best friend Cole M. for leading a healthier lifestyle and competing in his first powerlifting competition. Proud of you man.)
  22. Life is not a movie.
  23. The Labyrinth: What is it and why am I going to write about it? Probably one of the topics I am most excited to write about.
  24. I really am a blessed individual.
  25. There is so much sadness and greed in the world.  It needs to change.12990916_10100493471236927_1367766491869163119_n
  26. Instead of admiring the greener grass on the other side, water and cultivate your grass.
  27. Be the change you want to see.
  28. Everyone is different, just like snowflakes.
  29. Introverts vs. Extroverts.
  30. There are 3 types of people in the world; People who work for someone else, people who work for themselves, people who have other people work for them. Which one do you want to be?
  31. You all have what it takes. Many give up right before they reach their potential.
  32. Ideas without actions are nothing but dreams
  33. I need to drink more water on a daily basis.
  34. Peanut Butter: Friend or Foe? (It’s my list, I can mention Peanut Butter twice)
  35. Support is extremely important.
  36. Rejection & failure can be your allies in the long run.
  37. Burpees and just how AWESOME they are…said no one ever.
  38. It is important to have the confidence and courage within your profession. This is still a work in progress, but I can see the benefits for my clients and myself.
  39. To become more successful in life, observe and study successful individuals.
  40. Try new things often.
  41. We are all going through something. Be mindful of how you treat others.
  42. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone.
  43. Awesome is still and probably will be my favorite word.
  44. Sleep is not overrated.
  45. Should I grow out a gnarly goatee for my races this summer and fall?
  46. Even though I hate the thought of my grueling workouts, I feel like Leo in the Titanic…”KING OF THE WORLD!”
  47. Disneyland = Happiest place ever.
  48. California traffic causes anxiety and random bird sightings.
  49. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is pretty kick-ass.
  50. I am thankful for each and every one of you who read, follows, and supports my dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.





  1. Hey Tyler,
    You’re awesome.
    And yes, ungrateful people suck. (I feel sorry for them. Some of the most ungrateful people I know have the most.)
    One day you WILL #beatburns
    Go for the goatee (I want to see it.)
    Water & peanut butter both good
    And did I mention? You’re awesome!

    Liked by 1 person


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