Sleep: Why it’s important and ways to get better at it!

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My Teddy Bear Fresh and I dreaming of the next Spartan Race!

We have all had a “Case of the Mondays” or that really tired feeling at the end of a long work or school week. What if that feeling isn’t just a normal Monday feeling after a great weekend or the typical TGIF after putting in 40 hours? What if you simply are… tired?

Lately I have been doing more, and getting less sleep. Most of us know what that feels like. You feel like a zombie, your focus is all over the place, and any area that looks somewhat comfortable would be heaven if you could just lay down and rest your eyes for a few minutes. Sleep in general is the way our bodies recharge. It is one of our basic essential tools as human beings.

Since you are reading this blog, my hope is you are doing your best to get healthy. When it comes to getting in better shape, we tend to think of working out more and changing our diets. What is usually overlooked is how important the role of sleep is, not only for the regeneration of your body, but also for weight loss and muscle build.

Let’s talk science for a minute. Don’t worry, it isn’t the really in depth, make you fall asleep stuff. (See what I did there – hahaha!) Sleep, or lack there of it, can affect many hormones in the body. What does this mean? Some hormones are responsible for controlling your appetite, which is pretty important when you are trying to lose weight. Other hormones, lots of them actually, are responsible for cell regeneration, reproduction, and growth. This is what helps build muscle and muscle is the only tissue in the body that burns fat. Let me say that again. “MUSCLE IS THE ONLY TISSUE IN THE BODY THAT BURNS FAT!” Sleep also lowers your cortisol levels. Low cortisol levels = higher metabolism. If you aren’t getting enough sleep your cortisol levels will rise, which will lower your metabolism, which in turn will cause weight gain.

Sleep… Yep it really is important! People who don’t get enough sleep tend to experience the following:

-Are overweight or obese

-Eat more calories than they are burning, which will lead to weight gain

-Poor concentration, we want to be on top of our game

-Poor immune health


-Poor athletic performance


Tips for some better Zzzzz’s!

-Keep your bedroom cool and dark

-Power down all devices preferably 1 hour before lights out

-Reduce caffeine and alcohol before bed

-Avoid heavy meals before bed

-Use the bed for sleep and coitus only

-Exercise regularly (just don’t do it before bed)

-Meditation or yoga

-Foam roll

For more tips, check out this link.

Do yourself a favor and not only make time for yourself, but allow your body to perform at the best level.  GET SLEEP!  I promise you will be more productive, more energetic, and people will want to be around a happier you.



Top 5:  Funniest Places I’ve seen people asleep, myself included.

  1. This dude at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as we run in the 2008 New Year  with Dave Navarro and DJ Scribble.1923541_515037558887_4740_n
  2. One of my best friends has fallen asleep numerous times in the bathroom.  Can you say extreme relaxation.
  3. Myself on my 1st Birthday. I fell asleep face first on my Thomas the Train chocolate cake.
  4. December 2015, New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  My friend Jim falls asleep during an absolute amazing game.  13010667_10100493475109167_8988880072940992139_n
  5. One of my favorite ladies (I won’t tell Mom, I promise) has fallen asleep numerous times at the dining room table, the couch, the chair, and at the computer.  “Mom, go to sleep!”  LOVE YOU!


  1. Well this is the best news in the world! Next time my girlfriend asks me why I’m sleeping in, I’ll say “I’M GETTING HEALTHY. IT’S SCIENCE!” haha. Great article man. Is there an average amount of time you’re supposed to sleep or does it change for every person do you think?

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