The Mad Scientist is at work

Hi guys,

So just wanted to let you know that me, the mad scientist at “Be Awesome Productions”, is working hard writing some new posts.  Here is what you can expect in the upcoming posts:

-Snacks:  The Healthy Kind.

-Arizona Spartan Race Update:  Some good stories from that weekend.

-Perspective, Gratitude, and feeling AWESOME!

-Group Training and the Benefits.

I am working on these and many others.  In the meantime, please check out the archives to keep  yourselves entertained and informed.


Top 5:  My Favorite Blogs So Far!

1. Nervous? That’s a good thing.

2. If you Fall, Fall forward. Part 1 & If you fall, fall forward. Part 2.

3. What is “Success”?

4. What is the best workout?

5. 2016: The Difference a Year Can Make.


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