5 Healthy Snack Tips That Will Have You Doing The Touchdown Dance This Sunday!


Did you know?

This Sunday many Americans help pad these statistics. Here are some interesting stats on what America eats on this sacred sports Sunday.

Avocados: 120 million pounds

Chips: 29 Million Pounds

Chicken Wings: 1.23 billion Wings

Popcorn (my favorite, thanks MOM): 3.8 Million Pounds

Pizza: 4 Million Boxes of Pizza

Nuts: 2.5 Million Pounds (that could make a lot of Peanut Butter)

Beer: 325.5 Million Gallons…that is enough beer to keep the flow of Niagara Falls for 7 minutes. That is a lot of beer.

There is no denying it, as there will be a lot of unhealthy temptations during the big game. But with a little discipline and a game plan, you can manage the eats and come out victorious without sacrificing the fun.


  1. Skip Chips and Cream Based Dips and Opt in on Veggies and Hummus instead. I said Veggies, as in vegetables…need I say more? No, but I will anyways. EAT your Vegetables!


  1. Always Pick Protein If Possible. When in doubt, go for the protein. Grab the meat and wings. More times than not they will have the best nutritional value over everything else at the food table (besides the previous tip).


  1. If You Are Attending A Party With Friends, Eat Before. Don’t Save All Your Calories For The Festivities – You Will Over Do It. Penalty! Saving all your cheat meals for one occasion doesn’t work. Your body will process what it can and store the rest…as fat! Avoid this rookie mistake.


  1. Don’t Park Yourself By The Snack Table. Make A Plate And Walk Away. Rather than rely on your defense (your will power), make an offensive play and make a plateful and walk away from the food table. Smart preventative decisions help you avoid difficult decisions later on.


  1. Avoid Over Doing Super Sugar Filled Cocktails. Keep it simple. If you are going to have a beverage do so in moderation. One of my favorite tips to avoid overdoing it with the empty calories is making myself have one to two glasses of water before each drink. It keeps me hydrated and I find it limits me to a lesser amount of alcohol.


Enjoy your Sports filled Sunday with family, friends, and the big game.  Remember, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, SHARE, and “BE AWESOME!”

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