With my job, I get the opportunity to meet and talk with some absolutely amazing individuals. Many of them come from very different backgrounds, work in a wide variety of professions, and have some interesting things to say. As a student of life, I make sure I listen and try to learn and take away things that will make me better in work, life, and as a person.

This past week I had a very good conversation with one of my clients about perspective. He gave me a very good scenario and it really spoke to me. Imagine you and a friend are running on a beach (this is a wellness blog after all). During your awesome run the two of you come upon something drawn in the sand. You each are standing on opposite sides and see this…

You both share what you see. One of you is clearly looking at a 6 and the other is also clearly looking at a 9. So, I ask you this question: Who is right? The brilliance of this picture is that you BOTH are. What you see depends on your perspective. To me this is a very powerful statement. Just because you are right, doesn’t mean the other person is necessarily wrong.

Digging deeper into this concept, you may find an example in your own life where you have been on both sides. This is where life and experience come in to play. At one point in your life you may have been so certain you were right about something only later to look back and see how someone else, at a different point in their life was in the right too. And even deeper, think about a time when at a point in your life, you were so very certain you were right about something, only to find that days, weeks, months or even years later, depending on the path you chose, you would have seen the 9 instead of the 6. Same person, different place in life based on different experience. Close your eyes, think about it, I know you have one (if not more) scenarios that resonates in your mind.

Everyday while I am training my AWESOME clients, I see numerous people come to our establishment to take one of Group X classes.  These classes are awesome and have their own individual flavor.  I have had some clients just rave about our Kick-it and Zumba classes, while others take sides and compare on which one is better.  Is it Kick-it or is it Zumba?  Who is right and which one is better?  Some would argue that they dislike the choreography of the moves in Kick-it, while some can’t pick up the steps in Zumba.  Sparing you the science, they both roughly burn the same amount of calories depending on the size of the person as well as the effort they put in.  Depending on perspective they are both right.  They both have you breaking a sweat, hopefully smiling, and are getting you in shape.  It’s all about flavor people.

Let’s use another example this time when it comes to tracking our food intake.  Some people swear by apps like MyFitnessPal, others use point systems like those provided by Weight Watchers, while some are just old school and write it down.  It is asked again, which way is right?  They all are!  Each of them is tracking their food which is a great conscious choice to maintain a healthy body, and each of them provide a flavor for different individuals.  Some are tech savvy, others like the format laid out, and many respond well to writing it down.  Perspective!

“Just because you are right, doesn’t mean the other person is wrong.” Let me say that again, “Just because you are right, doesn’t mean the other person is wrong.” With all that is going on in the world today, let’s try to be mindful of perspective. Please don’t mistake me, if you believe something is right, then fight for it. Just be mindful. There is more than one way to get things done. There are numerous ways to look at something. Many roads lead to the same place, and how we get there is just as important to making it to the end. We are all in this thing called life together, let’s not make it harder that it sometimes ends up being.

“A rising tide will lift all ships.”

Top 5:  What do you see?

  1. 2a040aee911c7d6bbc0113d36f19781c

    Confusing right?

  2. img_8639

    The Space Needle in the palm of my hand.

  3. unknown

    Depends on what you are looking for.

  4. 3d-sidewalk-chalk-art-l-e1d60649e6f88dee

    Wait, what?

  5. images

    My favorite.


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