Ready…Get Set…GO(als)!

This weekend I will be venturing to Lake Tahoe with my co-worker, trainer, Spartan coach, and good friend Regan to take on The World Championships for the Spartan Race. This has been one of my goals of 2016 and the biggest during my “Year of the Spartan”. The World Championships are like no other race on the Circuit. Obstacles galore, long distances, weather, and elevation. To say the least, I may be out of my comfort zone just a bit.


Having set this goal in the beginning of the year, I realized it was going to take hard work. Before I get into the hard work, lets talk about why I set this goal to begin with.


The “Why”: As a personal trainer I know the benefits of the service I offer. The hard part is getting people to understand that. Even though I am a personal trainer, I must learn the art of the sale. What I have learned with the art of the sale is to be genuine and to get the potential client to find their “why”. When they discover the “why” it is personal, and when it is personal the desire to follow through is much stronger. The same goes for all of us. The point is, make it personal.


So “why” the Year of the Spartan? Why the World Championships? When I embarked on this journey of Spartan races I did it for a few reasons.

  • Simply put, I love the challenge of these events
  • I wanted to inspire the uninspired
  • I wanted to prove to my clients I “walk the walk”
  • I wanted to travel and experience new destinations
  • I wanted to transform myself


So I have a goal and I have the why. Now what? What tricks and tips are there to help reach this goal?



#1. Focus on a small number of goals. Even though I am only discussing one goal, I have many more. The trick to setting goals and achieving them is to keep them small in number. Our brains and attention span can only focus on a handful of things at one time. If we have too much on our plate, we will lose focus.


#2. Write them down! I have written about this a few times in my blogs. It is my belief that when you write it down it becomes a plan of action. Not only should you write it down, but write it down where you can see it every day. (Vision Boards) The subconscious is a very powerful tool. Use it to your benefit.


#3. The S.M.A.R.T Method. This is an awesome acronym I use when designing programs for my clients. It is great way to help create goals as well.


Specific: The more detailed the goal, the better it is. Get as much specificity as you can.

Measurable: Having a way to assess your progress is essential to goal setting. Find a way to measure whether or not you are hitting or not hitting the goals.

Achievable and Actionable: Make sure the goal is realistic. Setting achievable goals is paramount to success. One of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt, says that every goal should begin with an action verb (quit, run, eliminate) rather than a verb-to-be (am, be, have, etc).

Realistic: This is also very crucial to success of obtaining goals. First and foremost, a goal should be pushing you out of your comfort zone. If it isn’t, reach higher. Second, make sure your goal isn’t out of reach with resources, knowledge, and time. Basically don’t expect to lose 100 pounds in a week.

Time-Bound: One of my favorite sayings is a goal with out a date is a dream. You have the goal, now add a date to achieve it. Pressure can be your ally here.


#4. Review, review, review. Bouncing off of trick #2, not only write them down, but also make sure you can see and review these goals often. You should be saying to yourself, “what steps can I take to get closer to my goal?” Keep that inspiration going and move closer to achieving that goal.


My year of the Spartan has been nothing short of AWESOME. However, it has been a lot of hard work and sacrifice. When I decided to take on this venture I used the trick listed above. I wrote this goal down on my vision board. I broke it up into smaller goals so I wouldn’t get frustrated looking too far ahead. As soon as I wrote this goal down, more came to mind and I added them to the board. Not only do I want to finish the race, I want complete a burpeeless race, meaning I miss no obstacles (and I am just one obstacle away). I wanted to drop my weight to under 200 pounds. Actually that was my trainer’s goal for me, but I have embraced it as my own and am working hard to get there. 7 more pounds dammit. I wanted to use these races as a platform to discover new places. To travel takes money. I have put in many long weeks, days, and months to make it happen. Where there is a will, there is a way.


Once these additional goals were written down, I reviewed them weekly if not daily. I used the S.M.A.R.T method to stay on track. Little by little I am getting closer to achieving them all. When I have a setback, I allow myself one day to be frustrated (at most), then it is back to work. I treat my successes like I treat my client’s successes; I celebrate it then continue forward to something bigger. I try to avoid complacency at all cost.


If you don’t already practice goal setting you need to start. Goal setting is not only helpful in so many ways, but it is a pathway to happiness, or in our case, AWESOMENESS! Start small if you must, but develop this habit and watch things in your life change. As always, I am up to help anyone that needs a point in the right direction. Go forth and “Be Awesome!”



Top 5: Goals for the Year of the Spartan

  1. Complete a burpeeless race
  2. Transform my body, mind, will, and awesomeness.
  3. Experience new destinations around our country. This has been more than awesome.
  4. Inspire my present and future clients, friends, family, and blog readers.
  5. Be AWESOME Productions. It has been the platform to get me started on this goal of writing and speaking.

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