What is the best workout?

A few times a month members share with me their workouts. Many go as far as telling me that their workout routine is the best. I have had people in the past tell me that certain types of workouts are better than others. So what is the best workout? Is it Crossfit, HIIT, strength training, bootcamps, Group X classes, or Richard Simmons “Sweatin to the Oldies”? And the best workout award goes to…


the one you complete! Let’s face it. There are tons of options for getting in your exercise. The key is to find the one that works for you and keeps you coming back for more.


You will have your diehard fans of a certain style or format that preach, preach, preach, and preach some more that their form of working out is the best way. Not only are they annoying, they aren’t right. Variety is the spice of life and we all have different taste. If we didn’t, think of how boring life would be. It’s nice to have options.



Exercising and how you do it isn’t a one size fits all. One style may work for one, but it doesn’t mean it will work for another.   There are fundamental movements that we all need to practice and improve on to become our stronger, more fit, and awesome selves, but how we practice those movements is entirely up to you. Some like structure and routine (some of us need that), while others, myself included, like to change it up and keep things new and fresh to avoid boredom. We all have our different preferences and that is ok.


Not only do we have our own preferences, we all have different reasons as to why we work out. Some of us are in the gym because we want to be better at a specific sport, some of us are training for our first marathon or tenth Spartan. Some of just want to look and feel better about ourselves or we are in the gym because our doctor said we had to get back in shape. Regardless of our reason, you have many options. Where I work we have upwards of 10 different trainers. We all have different personalities and strategies for training our clients and this only benefits our clients and their needs. Top that with the different types of group classes we offer and you have a place that has much to offer to so many different types of people.


My point is there is no one way that gives you the best results. What will give you the best results is finding a program that you enjoy, one that that you will stick with, and one that works on the fundamentals. Combine that with a proper diet and you have a recipe for success. So go to your gym, beach, mountain, or playground and get in some work. Go “Be Awesome.”



Top 5: My favorite ways to get in exercise


  1. Dog with a blog training: Training with my trainer who pushes me to a level like no other.
  2. Spartan Training: I just love these races. They give me something to work towards.
  3. Hiking: Whether it’s a training hike or a hike with friends, nothing beats the view at the top.
  4. Group classes: The camaraderie, the accountability, and the fun.
  5. Going for a run: A year ago I would have never said this, but running just clears my head, gets my heart pumping, and centers me.


  1. Similar to the idea that the best workout is the one you complete…I have often had people ask me what the best martial art is for their child. I tell people that the martial arts teacher their child likes is teaching the best art for their child. Great teachers/trainers get their members to the gym. Oh, and you’re one of those guys!

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