What are you waiting for?

As a personal trainer I often hear a few phrases when people are on the fence about training or starting something new. Many sound like this; “I’ll start on Monday.” “I will eat and train harder once New Year’s is over”. “When my back, hips, knees, or whatever feels better, I will start.” I know I have used some of those excuses in the past.

If you have that sudden interest or motivation to do something, then jump on it. The more you procrastinate, the less likely you are to follow through. In the beginning of my fitness journey, I found myself guilty of putting things off, especially my diet and exercise, which are two of the most important things in life. I would tell myself after a social weekend that I would start my new workout, follow a better eating plan, or start something new like a book, a project, or a blog. When Monday came I simply never followed through. Basically I came up with a list of excuses (or I was just lazy) and gave myself justification to start the following week. What I noticed looking back is that weeks, months, and even years passed. It’s one of the many moments I think to myself, “I wish I would have started sooner.”

Let’s be honest. We have all experienced that feeling at least once in our lives. I think back wishing I started being a healthier and happier person many years sooner. One thing we can’t get more of is time, hence why it is so important to act upon it as soon as we can.

So the light bulb goes off and you have a new idea. Maybe you witness something inspiring. Perhaps a friend suggested something that just sounds awesome. Now what? FullSizeRender 4

First off, this adrenaline rush of motivation doesn’t last long, so it’s important that you jump on it. I’m not saying drop everything you’re doing and start at that exact moment unless you are like this guy


My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump!


, but there are some tricks you can do to kindle this fire of motivation.



Trick #1: Write it down.

  • Most of us nowadays have a smart phone. Use the notepad application. I use it all the time, especially for times like this.
  • Go old school and physically write on a piece of paper. In fact, I am writing the rough draft of this blog in a notebook. IMG_4793
  • No paper, summon the inner child in yourself and write it on your hand.IMG_7899


Trick #2: Share your idea.

  • If it’s a million dollar idea, be careful with who you share it with. However, what I am saying is tell someone you know that will hold you accountable. My clients do this with me daily. Too be honest, I have had clients keep me accountable for my goals as well. Go Teamwork!


Trick #3: Nike has it right…”Just Do It!”

  • Whatever your task, just start it. Many of us get caught up with the big picture or end result. Come on Awesome”ites”, that is just ridiculously overwhelming. Instead, just start somewhere. The rest will follow once you get momentum.


You, yes You, are full of great ideas and you are capable of accomplishing anything. The truth is we all are. If you feel inspiration, don’t wait. Let the greatness happen. Do yourself a favor and start. Whether that is a new workout, diet, business, or a new adventure. Your future self will thank you.


Top 5: Moments I went for it.

  1. Moving to Las Vegas: I wanted to see what I could do Poker-wise.
  2. Making the decision to lead by example and become healthy.
  3. Deciding to take my love and passion of helping people and fitness and turn it into a career.
  4. Move to California to learn more about myself, my profession, and find more opportunities.
  5. “Be Awesome Productions”: My platform to create inspiration.


  1. Well, I’m glad I finally took the time to catch up on your blog, buddy. I recently found my new mantra to help me not procrastinate “Frontload the pain”! We all avoid/procrastinate for fear of some type of pain, i.e. boredom, fear of rejection or failure, physical pain(if you’re avoiding your workouts), But the longer we wait the worse the pain usually is, and as you said, you are always left thinking or saying “I wish i had done/started this sooner” So by frontloading(taking it now) the pain I am making a conscious effort to say to myself that if I wait, its going to be worse later so take the pain now so I can get to my happy place sooner. And you know what? The pain is never as bad as I imagine it will be in the first place.

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