What is “Success”?

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles that he has overcome.” -Booker T. Washington

The definition of success is something I have struggled with much of my life. I think part of the reason is I have always been submissive to comparisons. I believe that to be true for many of us. We see someone in our daily life doing well and we compare ourselves to them and their success. Even though I am aware of it, I still find myself doing this from time to time.

On my recent trip back to Vermont, I got to see many of my friends and family. As always it is more than amazing to catch up with them and hear about their lives and how they are progressing. Some of them have recently purchased homes, hit some amazing financial milestones, and have found a partner that they are now sharing their life with. It is very exciting and heart-warming to see some of my favorite people in my life doing so well and being successful. Seeing and hearing all of this has got me thinking…

Enter the little annoying thought of comparison. So many of my friends and family are doing great in so many areas. As I said, they are purchasing homes, making a lot more money than me, and are in relationships (I am as single as it gets…hello ladies). Does this mean I am less successful? My mom, giving me a judging stare, would say in a very stern voice “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Let’s take a look what success really is.


Meriam-Webster.com defines it as

: The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.

: The correct or desired result of an attempt


Just because you haven’t met the one, reached your financial goals, own property and material things, or sport that awesome watch, doesn’t make you any less successful. Success, especially when it comes to us individually, means something different to everyone. Many of us are shaped and told by our friends, siblings, parents, and of course social media what success is supposed to look like. Truth is, what success is to one may not be success to another.



Success comes in many different shapes and sizes. Do you set goals?  That is a good start to becoming successful in whatever you do. Even when you set goals and fall short, look at that as a positive. You now have more knowledge on what it takes to reach that goal. Definition-of-success


Just remember that success is different for everyone. I truly believe that comparisons don’t measure our success, rather like the quote at the top of this blog; it is what we have overcome. The only comparison we should be making is to ourselves. I smell a future blog.  There is no timetable. It can happen at any stage in life. If you want to do something, set the goal, continue to be patient, work hard, and believe in yourself and your abilities. You have the power. Go forth, “Be Awesome” and achieve success. I know you can do it.



Top 5: Successful moments

  1. Graduating college.  Go PSU Panthers!
  2. Setting the goal to be a healthier version of myself!  I know have a career in fitness,  Funny how things work out.
  3. Getting bullied and beat up. Both of these negatives have turned into positives and inspired me on a daily basis to keep being me. Stay true to who you are.
  4. Studying and passing my fitness credentials
  5. Completing my first obstacle course race


  1. Tyler this truly is awesome. I have been wanting to blog for years, and you are actually doing it. That is success! Often success is not just about your accomplishments but what you inspire others to do. I am inspired, therefore you are successful!

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