Vacation: Workout’s ugly cousin. Part 2

Earlier this week I discussed how vacation can really hinder our workouts and nutrition.  Again, vacation is meant to help us unwind, get away from the stress of daily life, and help us recharge.  However, it shouldn’t take us away from staying healthy.

Having one bad meal or missing a workout isn’t going to ruin all your hard work, but eating multiple bad meals in a row and missing a series of workouts can start a snowball effect that can really throw us off track when we finally return home.  You have been working so hard, so why throw it all away?

Over the past few years I have tried a few things to keep myself healthy while away.  There are so many overwhelming distractions while you are on vacation, but these little tricks can make a huge difference.

Trick #1.  Make time for your workouts.  Schedule at least 20 minutes a day for a workout.  It really is that simple.  Go for a short run, swim in the pool, go for a hike, or do a short workout.  Here are two workouts I usually choose from when I am on vacation.

Workout A.  Complete 3-5 rounds with little to no rest.

-Bodyweight Squats x 10

-Push-ups x 10

-Reverse crunches with butt-ups x 10

-Some kind of pull motion:  x 10 Pull-ups, band rows, suitcase rows, etc.  Get creative

-cardio movement(choose one):  Burpees  x 10, drop squats x 30, jumping in place x 1 minute, jumping jacks x 1 minute, knee-high running x 1 minute.

-Plank x 1 minute.

Workout B.  Deck of cards:  Each suit represents an exercise.  I usually go for an upper body, lower body, core, and cardio movement.  The number you draw corresponds to the amount of reps to complete.  Try to go through the deck as fast as possible or just set  a timer and get through as many as you can.

Sample Deck of Cards Routine


FullSizeRender 2

Trick #2.  Plan some activities that are active by nature.  Go on walks, discover the town or city you are in by foot, take surf lessons, rent a paddle boat, go skiing, etc.  This list can go on and on.


Trick #3.  Don’t eat 2 bad meals in a row.  This one is pretty simple to follow.  If you overindulged or had a bad meal (popcorn chicken and fries at the baseball game for me), make sure your next meal is healthy, meaning a lean protein and a fibrous fruit or vegetable.  If you need some tips, just send me a message.


Trick 4.  When you are going out to eat and you want something that isn’t the healthiest, ask your server to only bring out a portion and box the other half.  Yes, you aren’t eating the best, but you are limiting the bad calories you are consuming.

Trick 5.  I am not saying don’t enjoy the adult beverage.  I mean I really love beer.  However, just be conscious of what you are drinking.  Instead of having that yard stick  size daiquiri, which is loaded with sugar and calories, trying having something a little more conscious, like spirits or a light beer.  Another trick I do is between each drink I make myself have a glass of water.  This actually fills me up, keeps me hydrated, and still gives me the illusion that I am drinking.  For me it is all about having something in my hand.


This is an illustration of a “BAD CHOICE”, the good choice was we shared this  between 6 people.


In conclusion, enjoy your vacation. Enjoy all that comes with vacation, relaxing, good food, adult beverages, friends, and family.  Just try to follow some of these tricks and stay on the healthy track while unwinding.


Some photos from my vacation so far.


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