Vacation: Workout’s ugly cousin!


I’m home!  That’s right, I am home in Vermont with family and friends.  Now that I live across the country in southern California, I find it soul cleansing and recharging to be around some of my biggest supports.  There really is no place like Vermont in the summer.  The weather is awesome, the sunsets are beautiful, and the energy is like no other.  It has taken me a while to learn this, but I am blessed to have grown up here, especially in the summer.

I am home for 12 awesome days.  So far my trip has had numerous adventures such as delayed and cancelled flights, renting a car and driving 7 hours to Burlington from New York City, fighting fatigue with push-ups on the road, completing another Spartan Race in Montreal with some friends, some gorgeous Vermont hikes, beer, and the best part so far, seeing my mom.  She really is awesome!  Love you Mom!

So I am on vacation.  For many, including myself, I use vacation to unwind and relax.  I mean that’s what you’re supposed to do right?  However, in the past I have overdone this mantra. I eat and drink way too much and then go home feeling horrible about how bad I ate.  When you are on a workout and nutrition plan, vacation can be its ugly, tempting, and trouble-making cousin.  I mean honestly, amazing food, outings with friends, and drinks galore are all at your disposal.  That can be a huge recipe for disaster.

So what can you do to stay healthy on vacation?

To Be Continued…(Insert dramatic music here)

Top 5:  Biggest temptations while on vacation

  1. Alcohol:  Whiskey in cities, microbrews while home in VT, and a strawberry daiquiri. (Yes, I love them)
  2. Not working out:  I can usually find an excuse to justify skipping a workout.
  3. Unhealthy snacks: I seriously just love chocolate and peanut butter.
  4. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream:  I am just supporting my home state’s economy…honest!
  5. Eating out:  I really don’t want to cook for myself when I am on vacation.

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