Comfort Zones…and why we need to leave them.

When I was student teaching in college, my classroom teacher said something that has resonated with me and still plays a huge part in my life. He said, “You only grow when you step out of your comfort zone.” Looking back, he couldn’t be more right.

As a personal trainer this is something I have to deal with almost daily. Everyday I see members and clients alike come to the gym hoping for a change. I love the thought process and initiative. If you want to change your body then you come to the gym. What is difficult to see is the way it is approached. If you want that change, you need to challenge yourself. When something is hard at first that is a great thing. It means you have a challenge ahead of you. That’s something that is out of your comfort zone. When that challenge gets easy, you are gliding back to it. To get the change you desire, it takes work. The journey isn’t easy, sometimes it’s just damn hard. It can be frustrating, upsetting, fearful, and uncomfortable, but it can also be fun, positive, and so worth it.

Was it easy to pick up and move to California, leave my friends and family, and venture to uncharted territory for me, absolutely not! Have I had some downs? YEP! Have I had some serious struggles? YEP! Have I seconded guessed myself numerous times? That would be a big YEP! However, have I learned anything? Yes! Have I made and cultivated some awesome relationships? Yes! Have I overcome some obstacles and come out a better person? Yes! Have I smiled and had some fun? You bet! This has been an adventure for sure, and honestly it really has just started. Never in my lifetime would I have thought I would be living in California, training some amazing people and experiencing some pretty epic things. I would have never done this had I stayed in my comfort zone.

Do you have to do something as big as a cross-country move, jump out of a plane (this just happened, and it was absolutely unbelievable I might add),13718678_10100537838609357_3116098981108431358_n

or make a major life change to get out of your comfort zone? The answer is no. Should you do something that scares you a little? Absolutely. If you want to make a change, whether that is losing weight, being more social, learning something new, or getting the courage to do something different, step out side that comfort zone and you may just be amazed at what happens.

So the next question probably is, “what can I do to challenge myself”.  Awesome, great question.  I am glad you asked.  It really depends on what you want to change.  If it is getting into shape, take a class at your local gym with that fitness friend that is always asking.  Go to your gym and ask for a consultation with a trainer (I happen to know a great one haha).  If it is becoming more social, say yes to something you normally would be on the fence about.  If it is becoming adventurous, the possibilities are endless.  Road trips, vacations to new places, trying new exotic food, signing up for a Spartan Race, etc.

Truth is, when you take that awkward, scary, and nerve-racking step outside your comfort zone you really don’t know what can and will happen.  However, I promise you that you will learn something new about yourself, become a little wiser, and probably experience something AWESOME!  So take it!  The good news is, that comfort zone is right where you left it.  So my challenge to you is to step outside that zone.  Please share what these challenges may be.  I am interested to hear.


Top 5: Out of Comfort Zone Experiences

  1. Go to college where I knew no one.
  2. Ask out, well many of the girls that I have asked out
  3. Move to Las Vegas and play poker for a living
  4. Move to California
  5. Year of the Spartan: Training with a professional named Regan, aka “Dog with a Blog Training”


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