Be AWESOME Production…it has begun

Be Awesome Productions…. a mix of my favorite word, “Awesome” and my platform to spread the message to all those that seek it. Welcome. This is my dream, my vision, and now it is here. But how did this come to be? It is my project, work, experiences, and my life all rolled into one. Maybe we should start with the background.

I’m from the small town of Barton, Vermont. A town with no more than 5,000 residents,  more cows than there are people, and one main road with no traffic lights. To be honest, it is unique with the people, hard-working, simple, and hopeful; it’s lifestyle, and what it has to offer. After 4 years at Lake Region Union High School, a school no larger than 350 students, I went to Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH and studied childhood education. After a few stints in teaching in Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire, I realized that teaching wasn’t for me; well at least not the classroom part.

In 2009, I followed a dream of mine that took me to Las Vegas, where I played poker for a living. Yes I played cards as a job. Although it was a lonely lifestyle, rough at times, and definitely a grind, it was a very valuable and a life changing experience. Don’t get me wrong, it was also a lot of fun, I mean it is Vegas after all.

It was during these years in my 20’s that I was pretending I was healthy. I worked out, but like so many I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I had no sense of nutrition or direction. I used to think having one salad a week meant I was healthy. Combine that thought process with going out for drinks a few times a week, and you have a recipe to look like this guy.


Tyler Gosley Version 305 lbs

Yeah that’s me, I call him large guy Ty. You know that guy that always had fun, always smiled, but secretly was ridiculously insecure and depressed. I went from 197 lbs after high school to 305 lbs. I was in complete denial that I was unhealthy, depressed, unhappy, and unmotivated.

In 2010, almost a year after I moved to Las Vegas, I moved back to Vermont for many reasons. First, I missed my friends and family. Second, I don’t think I was quite ready or mature enough to do the Vegas life. Either way it brought me back home. It was at this moment that I realized I need a change. “THE WHY” finally hit me like a smack to the face in the old Batman TV show. I had my reasons to change. I no longer wanted to be fun large guy Ty, which everyone loved, but no one would give a chance. I no longer wanted to be the butt of jokes in my circles. I no longer wanted to be ignored by the opposite sex. I wanted to be better!

I joined a local Bootcamp, a small but intense setting for group fitness, thanks to the inspiration from two people I knew, Devbo and Lisa (thank you). Still in a sense of denial, I thought I still was in some kind of shape. My first two classes quickly put that into perspective. In both classes I saw my breakfast during the workout. Not only did I see my poor choice in food, I also saw a 68-year-old female do more push-ups and squats than my 27-year-old self. I was humbled, but also inspired and found my drive. When I got to my car, I wrote down my goals and made the choice to turn the corner to a healthier and happier me.

Over the seven months I met most of my goals, lost 70 pounds, and even got a job as a fitness instructor. I loved this. I got to teach class, be center stage instructing, get creative with my workouts, build some amazing relationships, all while pushing people out of their comfort zones. What made it special, I knew exactly what they all were going through and I had a platform to help change their lives. Simply put, it rocked!

This led to my own journey of becoming a better instructor, a certified personal trainer, opening my own small studio, and eventually moving out to Southern California to further my experiences. So here we are with “Be Awesome Productions.” A blog and website to inspire, guide, educate, and hopefully get you on track. This is my dream, and now it’s a reality. My hope is that my actions, stories, words, and horrible jokes can inspire a healthy change, motivate you, or just get you through a tough day.
So once again, Welcome, and remember, you’re AWESOME!

Top 5: My all time Dream Jobs
1. NBA Basketball Player
2. Stunt Driver
3. President (of Awesomeness)
4. Hugh Hefner
5. Make my hero proud, aka my mom!


  1. You are such an inspiration to so many Tyler! Thank you for starting this blog. I look forward to following your journey, being inspired as well as continually motivated – something you do so well on a daily basis!

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  2. Tyler, I am proud to know you. You live up to the word:

    A – Always Appreciative
    W- Welcoming to All
    E – Encouraging
    S – Smart, Smiling, Supportive and with a great Spirit
    O- Optimistic
    M – Motivator, MOTIVATING and Modifier
    E – Enthusiastic

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